We are the only Business Network where you buy and pay with products or services.

We are a Nashville-based collaborative economy platform that aims to encourage commercial exchange between companies and/or local professionals through the business exchange (Barter), a credit alternative for SMALL BUSINESS and companies that do not find a way to finance their operations from traditional ways.

Are you a Nashville SME, a local merchant, entrepreneur, or freelancer?


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BAX offers you FINANCING, new clients, additional sales and supports the local Nashville economy

The affiliated companies make commercial transactions with others, exchanging goods and services without money (DOLLARS) in between.

In return, they may need to support the growth of their operations and to continue improving through a  secure platform and in a totally transparent way.

All local organizations, no matter their size or the sector in which they operate, can be part of BAX, ideal when money is scarce, or access to credit is limited.  

There is no need to resort to external financing methods such as banks or lenders. It is the same companies that finance each other.

Own internal exchange currency

BAX works with its own internal exchange currency: the BAX. Developed exclusively for local merchants and entrepreneurs: BAX is only valid within the BAX exchange network. This encourages participants to buy from each other by guaranteeing an additional turnover of 3 to 5%.


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1. Open Your Account

Open a BAX * account, and you can immediately start selling and doing business on the first platform Business e-commerce marketplace for SMEs, independents, and entrepreneurs. Once your company has opened its BAX Account and has been assigned its commercial credit, the system will automatically create a complete personalized online store that is totally free.

You can then use the BAX received to pay for your purchases to other companies or professionals within the BAX system.

We will analyze your company and tell you how much you can buy at BAX using your own products or services as a means of payment. Upon being approved in BAX,  your company receives an Initial Credit in BAX, which is the amount the rest of the companies will be willing to sell to you without the money involved.

In return, you agree to sell your services and products in the same way up to the buyer’s credit limit, that is, without charging money for the transaction.

* Disposition of Commercial Credit subject to Account approval. Your commercial credit is calculated based on your company’s financial activity and production capacity.

Using Your BAX Balance

2. Buy What You Need

You make purchases without any cash exchange taking place. You pay with the BAX purchase capacity that you have assigned to your BAXaccount, with no money involved. You can buy from the entire catalog available and any market segment. For example, you are a web development company, and you purchase the services of an accounting company, which in turn purchases the office supplies it needs from another company.

Your company returns the financing granted through payment in kind with its products or services. Selling to other BAX users without charging them in cash.

They Will Pay You With Your Balance Within BAX

3. Sell Your Products And Services

You can sell all your products or services. This way, you balance the credit balance of your past purchases and buy new ones to place new orders. In this way, buying and selling cycles are generated, allowing all the companies in the platform to reduce their expenses and have cash flow, attracting new customers.

In short, companies increase sales, acquire what they need to operate, and reserve their cash flow to allocate it to what is really strategic: their growth.


The exchange is of great benefit, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. BAX is the perfect tool to finance yourself if you need resources to acquire supplies, machinery, or a professional service.

By accepting BAX in your business, you are also actively contributing to a sustainable Nashville local economy. The BAX you spend continues to circulate locally and does not disappear abroad. After all, local entrepreneurs and merchants are the engine of the economy and contribute to our prosperity.


In addition to the non-bank financing that we make available to your company, the great advantage is how you can return it in species.

Selling your own products and services without charging cash to other BAX users. Your company invoices while it returns the financing obtained.


Using your own products or services as a transactional currency, you transfer your margin as savings to all your purchases. 

You always buy at a discount since you count in favor of the profit generated by the sale of your products or services.


Your company has the liquidity obtained and buys and/or contracts the products and services it needs from other members of BAX.

We finance your company with a minimum of USD250 and a maximum of USD 40K of liquidity that we enter into your BAX Account.


For a similar amount, your company may renew the financing obtained by opening your BAX Account at the same moment in which the credit granted is paid.

It is 100% rotatable. How many times do you need it?

Our interest is to help you grow and increase your working capital.


Commercial Credit at 0% interest. No registration fees, maintenance fees, or associated expenses.

With your BAX Account, your company will only pay a minimum commission for each purchase-sale transaction carried out with the commercial credit that we offer you. We do not charge you to finance your business purchases.


At BAX, we do not ask for personal or third-party guarantees to finance your company. We are only interested in your products and services. The commercial credit allocation that we offer you is based on the production capacity of your company.

The products or services of your company are sufficient guarantees. 


Through solid internal marketing, the machine will promote your business through all our channels. In addition to the website, weekly Newsletters are sent, you can advertise in prominent sections, and your business is also promoted on our networks. You can also attend business conferences and networking events that we permanently organize.


You can reserve their cash flow to allocate it to what is really strategic for them: your growth.

Don’t spend your cash flow on purchases. Money that you can use to pay your payroll or taxes.


The corporate barter system effectively opens new markets. It gets more customers since companies open alternative channels to sell their products in new markets that they would not normally reach with their traditional sales force. 


We finance your company at 0% interest, without opening fees, without amortization fees, and, above all, without hidden costs.

























Your Platform. Your Products

As a BAX member, you will automatically have a completely personalized online store that is totally free.

Your own online store

Publish all the products you want

Chat with your prospects

Control all your operations at BAX

Create promotions and stand out from the rest

We Believe In Being An Option To Accelerate The Growth Of The NASHVILLE's Economy

BAX is aligned with the values ​​of the New Economy movement, which aims to create and spread successful models of local economies that value quality, innovation, and mutual support. We also value integrity, collaboration, and respect. We strive to build a community in which each member upholds these values to all work together to achieve our growth goals.

BAX provides oxygen to the local economy by ensuring money always stays local.

Due to the open information structure of the system, affiliate merchants are always aware of the developments and results of the other members.

Continuous improvement is fundamental both on a technical and human level for our entire team.

Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is a success.

Honesty and trust are the foundation of a good business relationship.


Below you will find an answer to frequently asked questions. Have a question that is not listed here? Could you write to us at [email protected]?

We are a non-bank business financing platform, articulated as commercial credit with repayment in kind.

BAX is guaranteed to bring in new customers and additional sales. The best without touching your cash flow. Experience has taught us that a 3-5% increase in sales is realistic.

BAX guarantees that you can spend the BAX received within an acceptable period of time on the purchases you need, and at normal market prices and at an acceptable BAX.

No. The main objective of the BAX system is to offer additional support to local Nashville traders, SMEs and the self-employed. For that reason, international and multinational retail chains are not supported in BAX. In this way, BAX members have an advantage because customers are motivated to buy from them. Additionally, BAX members are motivated to do business with each other.

WE ARE NOT A BANK. We finance your company at 0% interest, without opening fees, without amortization fees and, above all, without small print.

The financing we offer your company is the cheapest in the financial sector.

No. The BAX Account is a free non-bank commercial credit account with 0% interest and with your products and services as the only endorsement of approval. Your payment is made in kind.

When you open a BAX Account, your company is not obliged to meet a return deadline.

It is the demand for your products or services that will determine the return time.

The BAX Account is a free non-bank commercial credit account that incorporates important advantages for your company.

With the BAX Account, your company has a non-bank commercial credit with the best conditions to buy and contract the products and services you need.

We approve 90% of the Accounts that our users open.

BAX works with its own internal exchange currency: the BAX. Developed exclusively for local merchants and entrepreneurs: BAX is only valid within the BAX exchange network. This encourages participants to buy from each other by guaranteeing an additional turnover of 3 to 5%.

The BAX account is considered in your accounting as an additional “financial account” where 1 BAX = 1 Dollar.

Based on BAX account statements (such as on your bank statements), all income and expenses in BAX can be correctly posted. You can find BAX account statements in your online account.

1.You can consult in your online account section in the Plattform all your transactions in BAX in real-time.

2. At the end of the year, we give you an IRS-approved 1099B that shows the sales on BAX that you made that year that you will need to count as revenue towards that calendar year. 

3. We also generate a Purchases Report, which you can apply as business deductions for all purchases made that were business expenses, which your accountant can help you determine.


Form 1099-B is a document used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a federal agency that collects and processes tax payments in the U.S., to record income other than salaried wages.

“..A broker or barter exchange must file Form 1099-B for each person:

  • For whom the broker has sold (including short sales) stocks, commodities, regulated futures contracts, foreign currency contracts (according to a forward contract or regulated futures contract), forward contracts, debt instruments, options, securities futures contracts, etc., for cash;
  • Who received cash, stock, or other property from a corporation that the broker knows, or has reason to know, has had its stock acquired in an acquisition of control or had a substantial change in capital structure reportable on Form 8806, Information Return for Acquisition of Control or Substantial Change in Capital Structure; or Who exchanged property or services through a barter exchange.

Tax law requires that you always invoice sales or record them in your cash journal, regardless of the payment method. Therefore, invoices are always posted in DOLLARS, regardless of whether the payment will be made in DOLLARS or BAX, therefore TAXES is always charged. When you sell in BAX, the TAXES received must be paid, but conversely, when you buy and pay in BAX, you can deduct the VAT paid. We recommend, to be clear for accounting purposes, always indicate the payment method on the invoice.

No. BAX can only be used to pay for purchases within the BAX network of merchants and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the exchange against the dollar is not possible.

The purchase options in the BAX network are going to be greatly expanded, from small private expenses to real estate. As the member base grows steadily, there are additional providers on a daily basis who will gladly accept BAX.

All BAX Accounts have a customizable and 100% free online store so that your company can publish its products or services in a friendly way and can easily return the commercial credit obtained and refinance again, if necessary. You will also have a url of your own store so that you can promote it: baxnetwork.store/yourcompany

For the BAX system to work, the participants obviously have to share a series of values, being those of solidarity, responsibility, technological innovation and commitment .

It is the same companies that finance each other.

BAX in fact offers an interest-free non-financial credit in BAX up front.

For each transaction formalized between members, whether it is the purchase or sale of goods or the provision of services, a commission will be generated in favor of BAX  for each of the Participants in the transaction and that will coincide with the percentage that is detailed at all times in the ANNEX I of our terms and conditions.

At the time of formalizing the first transaction by a member, either as a buyer or as a seller, you will be obliged to make a payment in dollars to BAX on account of commissions. You can load a prepaid balance and the commissions generated by your operations formalized in the SYSTEM will be deducted from this balance. It will be understood that the operation will be formalized for the buyer and for the seller, when the seller accepts the order.

The BAX coin is legally accepted. In accounting, the BAX account is an official financial account, just like normal bank accounts. Therefore, you should take into account that all sales made in BAX are also included in your accounting. The value of 1 BAX = 1 dollar.

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Specific features of the BAX currency:

  • The value of 1 BAX = 1 DOLLAR.
  • Complementary currency: works alongside the DOLLAR, not as a substitute for the dollar.
  • No coins or BILLS.
  • Only valid within the BAX network.
  • Not exchangeable for DOLLARS.
  • Functions without interest.

Accounting processing

BAX is an official bargaining chip and should therefore also be included in your accounting.

  • Each sale through BANTEX usually is invoiced in dollars, and therefore TAX must be charged usually.
  • It is only the payment method that is different.
  • Payment is totally in BAX.
  • The BAX account is an additional financial account (just like another bank account).
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